Structural Components


Structural Components

Structural components are also areas of great concern. Older Cooling Towers often have aging wood components, whether it be structural, stairways, walk ways, etc. Deteriorating framework and wood members can cause serious problems if left unaddressed. Loose or missing bolts and fasteners are an indication of an accident just waiting to happen. Many Combined Cycle Plants have made the move to retrofitting old structure and have moved to materials such as Pultruded Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) over older wood, steel or aluminum. FRP is high strength but light weight, almost 80% lighter than steel. FRP does not leach or corrode like wood or steel structures and FRP is fire retardant. As a result, the cost over the life of the Cooling Tower is much less with FRP. Deck Boards, Beams, Flat Sheets, Angels, Square Tubes, Channels, etc. can all be constructed out of FRP.

asing materials on the outside of your Cooling Tower need to be inspected on a regular basis. The Casing is there to keep your water and air from escaping. Fiberglass can be retrofitted to replace older wood tower casing materials that have weakened due to algae and age related factors.

Your Fan Deck on the top of your Tower should also in be good working order so your maintenance can work and replace equipment as needed. The flooring and support areas need to be sound to prevent accidents and damage to critical components underneath. That also includes structurally sound hand and knee rails along with supports.

Fan Cylinder Shrouds should be checked to make sure that material is sound and that all hardware and assembly pieces are tight and in proper working condition there should be no leak areas.